About Us

Competence Development Centre was incorporated on 7th February 2011 having worked closely with a sister company, CJ Consultants incorporated in 2003. Competence Development Centre is an Organizational and Human Capital Consulting Firm. Our objective is to facilitate organizations in improving their competencies both for the organization and employees.


"To be the premier Competency and Capacity Development Centre in the Region"


"We build synergies with our strategic partners as a regional powerhouse to develop transformational leadership and organizational excellence. Our core values: Professionalism, Integrity, Passion for excellence, Responsible citizenship and commitment"

Our Statement

We know that quality people who deliver quality results matter. Competency Development Centre and their strategic partner’s synergize to ensure that Human Capital and organizational excellence becomes the hallmark of all our clients and partners.

Our HR Consulting provides Human Capital consulting services in the following service areas:

1Executive Search and Recruitment Services.

2Job Evaluation.

3Diversity management.

4Job seeker solutions ( CV Writing and interview coaching).

5Leadership skills development.

6Executive Coaching.

7SME Human Capital Management.

8SME Legal business issues.

9SME Basic Financial Management.


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